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Feature Friday: Structured Data

By January 26, 2018Feature Friday, Video

Let’s talk about data. Structured data, to be exact. If you’ve ever heard someone reference “” when talking about websites, but didn’t know what they meant, this is for you.

The basic idea is simple: structured data packs all the great info from your website into Google’s search results pages. For dealerships, that’s vehicle pricing, mpg, engine size, trim levels, # of reviews, etc. And while structured data is a fairly standard web development tool, the amount of traffic you get to your website depends on how well you use it.

Structured Data utilizes lines of precise code that push the content on your webpages right in front of search engines. This way no one misses anything your site has to offer. And, of course, it works with all of the major search engines: Google, Bing!, and Yahoo.

All of DealerOn’s websites are hardwired with expertly & strategically coded structured data to make your dealership as clickable as possible. Folks searching on Google ought to make the most informed decision possible before clicking, and if your dealership has the most relevant information right below your listing, well, guess who’s getting more clicks? (Hint: probably you)

Crazily enough, amazing structured data is just another day in the life of an award-winning, responsive, mobile-friendly DealerOn website. Click here to read about all our features & upgrade options.


How many of you have heard the words “Structured Data?”

Better yet, how many times have you been to a conference and heard the term “” thrown around, but had no idea what they were talking abou?  It’s incredibly important, And we’re here today to break it down for you! Let’s say you search for a product in Google, only to find out it was too pricey or poorly rated. You click on the search results, see the crazy price, and bounce. Now, imagine that was your customer, on your website.

So what’s the solution?  Structured Data.  Properly integrated structured data, which is code that essentially labels your content, gives search engines the advantage of knowing not only what your content says, but more importantly, what it means.  You now have the ability to control how your business and products are presented in search results, allowing customers to instantly see important information without ever clicking on your website.  No more bouncing.  All courtesy of “rich snippets”

“Rich snippets” are pieces of information that populate Google’s results.  You may have seen these in the form of little star ratings, prices, breadcrumbs, or in some cases, pictures that show up in your search results.  You can see as much as a 25 percent increase in the number of clicks to pages that have this information, even when you’re not the first, or even the second result of the search.  

DealerOn’s websites are hardwired with more structured data than anyone in the automotive space.  We are the only provider integrating Edmunds model specific reviews for every vehicle in inventory.  Each and every vehicle details page is completely marked up using best practices which changes almost monthly, so that vehicles using our websites not only rank better, but show up in search results with those rich snippets.  

We have your business covered too, with every one of our sites using the proper local business schema.  It covers everything, from your dealership’s hours, to social media accounts, address, departments and more, so that Google and other search engines know not only what the content on your page says, but what it means.

Get front and center with a DealerOn website, and enjoy the benefits of structured data. You won’t be sorry!

That’s it for our Feature Friday, tune in next week for more tips & tricks to rock your dealership!

Author Michael DeVito

Michael joined DealerOn in 2011 and oversees the Design, Development and Production departments at DealerOn in his role as the Chief Creative Officer. With 15 years of experience in multimedia/web design, Michael is an expert in interactive design, UX, brand identity design, content creation and print collateral. Michael is responsible for the design and coordination of development of DealerOn’s responsive website platform, Chameleon which has fueled the growth for the company. He has worked as a designer, writer and art director for a variety of companies including Marvel, DC Comics, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, and MTV. Outside of his work at DealerOn, Michael will be serving as an Executive Producer for Walt Disney Pictures on an upcoming film adaptation of the New York Times bestselling graphic novel, The Stuff of Legend, published by his company, Th3rd World Studios.

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