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Top 10 Horror Cars

It’s October, so let’s get spooky. But how spooky can cars really be? These ten cars from horror movies, books, and TV shows aimed to find out. As always, the rankings are entirely mine and done with all the deliberation of a chimpanzee determining which part of the termite mound he’s going to stab. Feel free to chime in with any that I’ve missed.

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The Bronco and the Wagoneer are Back!

More than any other consumer good, our cars are an expression of our identities. Thats why, when a discontinued model rises Lazarus-like from the grave, its news. Both Ford and Fiat Chrysler are bringing back two famous SUVs that were last seen in the 90s, trying to recapture their past glory. Both companies have revealed the direction theyre going, but whether the redesigned vehicles will catch on is anyones guess.  Continue Reading

The Miniature Car with a Potentially Huge Impact

The Citroën Ami looks like something out of an early 70s sci-fi movie, a tiny motorized box that transports our protagonist from one side of a futuristic city to meet with the supercomputer that runs their civilization. Released in the spring to the European market, the Ami is a shade below eight feet long, seats two, and gets around with an efficient electric motor with a top speed of 28mph and a range of 46 miles and can be charged from a standard home outlet. In other words, its a car perfectly engineered for city living: easy to park, cheap to drive, and with enough kick to handle traffic. Its already a hit in the infamously gridlocked Paris.  Continue Reading