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Not Driving Your Car? Here’s How to Keep It Working

Due to the continuing pandemic, your car is probably seeing a lot less use. You might not have started it in weeks, maybe even months depending on where you live. Problem is, cars are designed to be used, and leaving them to gather dust can permanently damage the complex machinery that makes them function. If you plan on an extended period of not driving your car, there are a number of steps you need to take to ensure that when you want to drive it again, it will work. Continue Reading

10 Strangest Cars Ever Made

Cars have been an integral part of our lives for long enough that we know what’s more or less normal looking and what’s not. Sometimes, in the pursuit of a specific design goal, the cars get really weird. Today, for a little fun, I’m going to count down my personal picks for the ten strangest cars ever built. Some of these are ideas that came before their time, and others never had a time. And if I missed one, be sure to drop it in the comments. I love a good weird car as much as anyone!

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