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Automate Your Digital Showroom

Automate Your Digital Showroom
Automate Your Digital Showroom

You run a dealership, so you know how valuable your time is. While it would be great to spend all of it moving metal, you’re burdened with digital marketing tasks that require your attention. But what if you didn’t have to anymore? What if someone or something could take care of all those pesky tasks for you? Enter the wonderful world of automation. 

Automate Your Digital Showroom


With hundreds of tasks that need to be completed month in and month out, automation is poised to take the dealership world by storm. DealerOn’s Cosmos platform harnesses the power of automation integrating it into all the critical online business systems dealers use every day. Symphony automatically generates and updates specials, while Listings Manager distributes those specials and provides a single place to update and syndicate all your critical business information. Even better, a newly launched chat tool, called the Cyrus Digital Assistant provides the automotive industry’s first truly AI driven customer service experience.


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Symphony Specials

Special offers are a cornerstone of your business, a tried-and-true way to move merchandise. Unfortunately, they also can take hundreds of hours to manage and are constantly changing. Specials need to be built for specific vehicles and models in your lot that are attractive. You have lease offers, finance offers, cash rebates – the list of specials you need to generate goes on and on. To make matters worse, once that vehicle is sold, all the work must be done again for another car. 

Symphony automates the creation of your specials, so what once took a significant chunk of your month now takes mere moments. By integrating the Cosmos platform with manufacturer offers, Symphony calculates lease and finance payments for every vehicle in your inventory. It takes things a step farther by creating landing pages for every offer and pushes all of those offers directly to your digital advertising, ensuring that everything is always in sync. 

Listings Manager

You have a half dozen social media profiles, at least one website, and then there’s the information on search engines and listing’s sites. Updating contact information, hours, and services across all of these platforms can be a pain, and if you miss a single one, it can be costly to your SEO strategy and your customer’s experience finding you. 

Listings Manager provides a single place to update your information all at once. You get the convenience of an easily updated master listing and the peace of mind of knowing everything is up-to-date and accurate. In addition, Listings Manager can push your specials directly to your Google Business Profile in the form of offers. 

If you have Cosmos, that means Symphony generates your specials and Listings Manager puts them out, a stunning amount of time and hassle saved for you. 

Cyrus Digital Assistant

Dealerships field hundreds of inquiries every day, and most of them are about the same few things. Cyrus, DealerOn’s digital assistant, takes a huge weight off the dealership’s shoulders and saves valuable time for human employees by automating a significant amount of this traffic. 

Why not use a call center, you might ask? Managed chat has been around for years. Well, the short answer is this, managed chat from third party call centers can end up being more costly and frustrating for your customers. Common complaints include delayed responses, miss scheduled appointments, and worst of all – wrong answers. 

Cyrus is available 24/7. Customers can engage Cyrus on your website, ask questions, schedule appointments, and more. Since Cyrus doesn’t sleep, your customers can shop at their convenience and know a response is always a click away. With natural language understanding, Cyrus communicates with your customers in plain English and can interpret not only the customer’s words, but the motivation and temperament behind them – it even interprets emojis. Cyrus will interject lead-generating questions at opportune moments, ensuring you won’t miss out on business. 

Symphony, Listings Manager, and Cyrus all add vital automation to your dealership. Each one takes a repetitive task that you shouldn’t have to bother with off your plate, freeing up your valuable time. 

These products and many more are part of DealerOn’s all-in-one digital marketing package Cosmos. Let Cosmos handle the boring stuff while you sell cars. Schedule your demo today.

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