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Trust with PPC Advertising

I recently found an interesting, informal study about search engine advertising (PPC) done by a self-proclaimed “marketing technologist” and wanted to share some of the results with you.  The entire study is available by clicking here.

What really caught my notice was the question:

“When you avoid the ads for a particular search, what are the reasons why?”

Over 40% of non-marketers (and almost 50% of those in the marketing industry) responded that it was because they didn’t trust the advertisers.

When searchers do click onto your pay-per-click search engine ads, increase their trust by showing them that they have reached the right place–use landing pages as a part of your PPC campaigns.  If someone searches for “Baltimore Nissan” and are then shown your dealership’s home page, they may not instantly recognize they are in the right place and could click off.  If you show them a page dedicated to finding a Nissan in Baltimore, they will trust your dealership more because they were given exactly what they asked the search engines for.

If your dealership’s pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign doesn’t include landing pages, contact your search engine marketing provider to find out how to make sure it does.  Start building trust from the beginning by using landing pages and showing your future car buying customers exactly what they are looking.'

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