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SERP Tips That Will Boost Your Dealership Traffic

SERP Features to Boost Dealership Traffic
SERP Features to Boost Dealership Traffic

Take these three simple steps to make your SERPs work for you! Find out how your SERPs can help with your SEM strategy in this week’s blog.

SERP Features to Boost Dealership Traffic

As anyone who has ever used a search engine will tell you, SERPs include more than just links to relevant websites. There are a wealth of SERP features, the goals of which are to give browsers more of an idea of the contents of each link at a glance. In their extensive study on SERPs, SEMrush teased out which SERP features appear most often, and from those we can show you concrete actions you can use to take advantage.

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Focus on getting positive reviews

Reviews appear in almost half of all SERPS. The first thing a visitor should see when finding a link to your page, is testimonials from satisfied customers. That gives your store legitimacy and puts a visitor on the road to becoming a customer. Check our archives for more information on how to get good reviews and how to deal with bad ones.

Address “people also ask” questions

People Also Ask appears in 57% of all desktop searches and 51% of mobile. Look at the questions potential customers are asking that relate to your dealership. Use that as a jumping off point for your SEO strategy. Get those questions pointing to your page by becoming a repository of good answers on a FAQ or blog.

SERP features can be intimidating at first glance, but if you use them right they can be an important tool in your SEM strategy.

Make sure all images of your dealership are attractive and professional

Images appear less often than the other two categories, and far more on desktop than mobile, but they appear often enough to be important. As a car dealership, you have an advantage over nearly any other business: photogenic inventory. Make use of that with professional-quality photography that can appear on SERPs. Check our archives for tips on how to photograph your vehicles.

SERP features can be intimidating at first glance, but if you use them right they can be an important tool in your SEM strategy. Get good reviews, address frequently asked questions, and take good pictures—three simple tips that will make your SERP results stand out!

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  • Kelcey Drapp says:

    Local blogs are also super important! They can capture site visitors that may not otherwise interact with your brand. Great for awareness!

  • CELWELL@DEALERON.COM' cindy says:

    always have an active blog on your site

  •' RyLesha Gause says:

    I like how they include ‘Address “people also ask” questions’ because its important to pay attention to everything.

  •' Christy Warbington says:

    Reviews and high quality images are so important to customers!

  •' SLH says:

    Reviews are the first thing I look at when doing business with a new company or brand.

    It’s important to note that if a customer has a great experience with you, that can easily turn into FREE MARKETING for your company!

  •' Austin Bekken says:

    Too many industries ignore posting reviews in places their customers are looking and instead focus on platforms only known to them. Everyone “googles”.

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