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PPC Campaign Views

According to the Google AdWords blog, Google will now show its AdWords users the number of searchers that saw your pay-per-click (PPC) ad, didn’t click on it, but bought from your dealership within 30 days.  Google calls these “View-through Conversions.”

This new reporting can be helpful when determining your return on investment (ROI) for your PPC ad campaigns.  By combining this data with the data of those who actually clicked on your dealership’s PPC ads, you should see a more accurate picture of how much your PPC campaign is earning for your dealership.

It can also be helpful when deciding which keywords your dealership should continue to pursue in your PPC campaign.  While customers may not be clicking on your ad when searching for a certain keyword, if they are seeing it and buying a car later, then it may make sense to continue to bid on it.

The down side to all of this…the view-through conversions report is only available to those dealerships that have conversion tracking implemented.

If having this type of insights into your dealership’s PPC campaign results is something you’d be interested in, consider having your auto dealer pay-per-click campaign managed by a PPC expert.  While it might be difficult to get the view-through conversions tracked, most will be able to track the phone calls your auto dealership receives, as well as all of the necessary web metrics and tracking.'

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