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Drive Traffic to Your Dealership with Research Pages

Drive Traffic To Your Dealership With Research Pages
Drive Traffic To Your Dealership With Research Pages

If you’re not using Model Research Pages, you’re missing out! Read this edition of DealerOn University to find out why your dealership needs to take advantage of this powerful tool for your website.

Drive Traffic To Your Dealership With Research Pages

Model Research Pages are a fantastic place for your shoppers to learn about vehicles they are interested in.

The best way to bring customers to your site is to put yourself in their shoes. If you were in the market for a car, one of the biggest purchases you will ever make, what would you want? How would you want to start the journey, build trust with a vendor, and pull the trigger on a significant investment?

Details Are the Difference

Imagine for a moment that you’re a customer. Say a single parent of three on a fixed income. You want a car that can get all three kids to school on time, isn’t out of your price range, is reliable enough that it won’t saddle you with tons of unexpected maintenance costs and works well enough to allow you to keep up on your schedule. You have specific and detailed needs, and all you need is a way to match that list with a specific model of vehicle.

Model Research Pages are your answer.

Model Research Pages (MRPs) are pages that allow shoppers to find which vehicle best suits their needs. They invite the customer in, building trust with a detailed look at their options. When customers do submit lead information, it tends to be more detailed, as they have already made important decisions, such as a ballpark on price, features that are important to them, the kind of vehicle they’re interested in, and sometimes even a specific car on your lot. With access to this kind of information, sales become a snap. At minimum, you can concentrate on specific areas the customer has shown interest in. At most, you can show them the literal car they want to take home.


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A high-quality Model Research Page must include high-res photography. At DealerOn, we have a long list of OEM-approved high-quality photos available to select from. MRPs must also include Edmund review ratings, detailed descriptions, and the dealership inventory. Reviews are a critical part of shopper research and we have structured meta-data dynamically pulling in the latest review scores into every research page.

Take Advantage of Structured Data

MRPs equipped with rich snippets and structured data aren’t limited to showing dynamic information on the research page. They will also generate much more detail in search results pages on Google. This means if a customer is looking for a model of car, a detailed search result will appear, which in turn results in more traffic going to the detailed page. Prices and vehicle ratings are the best information to include here, as those are the quickest “at-a-glance” figures that help customers at the beginning of their journey.

The surprising thing is that none of DealerOn’s competitors include this level of detail in their MRPs. By using DealerOn for this vital service, you’ll already have a leg up on your competition. You provide transparency and information, ensuring that the customers who are looking to buy are stepping through your doors.

Model Research Pages are the perfect place to send your paid search traffic.

Investing in MRPs means more organic traffic coming your way. They’re also an ideal target for paid search. Customers want to make an informed decision on their vehicle, and MRPs are the perfect way to help them. Remember how you would want to be treated as a customer and look at how many of your problems would be addressed with MRPs.

Schedule a demo today and see what Model Research Pages can do for your dealership.

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