A recent study by Marin, “State of Mobile Search Advertising in the US“, shows that the percent of paid-search clicks from mobile devices is growing faster than expected, and if the trend continues, is expected to account for 25% of all paid-search clicks by Google by the end of the year.  This includes not only mobile phones but also tablet computers.

This is just another reason why your dealership needs to include Mobile Ads as a part of your PPC campaigns.  These ads can run in conjunction with your traditional PPC ads, but the copy, images, and even landing pages (which are a requirement) are designed and targeted towards users seeing your ads on mobile devices.  According to Google, customers that utilize mobile-only PPC ads can increase click-through rates by 11.5%.

While the percentage of mobile clicks continues to increase, the conversion rate is not as high as desktop PPC traffic.  However, the study focuses on traditional “conversion” and “leads” – online form submissions or online purchases.  Mobile searchers are on the go, so it’s likely that the traditional conversions are not relevant for these consumers.  Instead of submitting a lead online, they are calling the business, or coming into the dealership or store.  In fact, brick-and-mortar stores that have ecommerce websites (so that they can conduct actual click-to-sale transactions online from their paid search advertising) receive $6 worth of OFFLINE, IN-STORE sales from their paid search spending for every $1 they receive in click-to-sale revenue online.  I can only imagine that this ratio would be higher than 600% when mobile PPC ads are taken into consideration.

Mobile usage, search, and pay-per-click are continuing to grow at extremely high rates.  Make sure your dealership’s online marketing campaigns are prepared and that your auto dealer website customers can find your dealership when and how they choose to do so.