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Listings Manager is the Missing Piece of Your SEO Puzzle

The Missing Piece Of Your SEO Puzzle
The Missing Piece Of Your SEO Puzzle

The key to Google Business Profile is keeping it accurate, as neglecting it can cost your dealership business. Read on to find out how you can improve your GBP management.

The Missing Piece Of Your SEO Puzzle

Listings Manager lets you manage your information in one place. If your business information is not in sync, you will risk losing critical search visibility.

Consistency in information online is an important factor in SEO. Even one outdated phone number, old address, or wrong zip code on a single website will be found and harm your ranking on SERPs. The better your accuracy, the better you perform in search. The top 10% most accurate locations had 18x the search visibility over the least.

We’ve made keeping your information correct and consistent with Listings Manager. Listings Manager allows you to manage your information from a single location, edit your Google Business Profile and much more. Now your information will be accurate and consistent wherever it is found on the web.

Listings Manager

Listings Manager allows you to quickly and easily manage all of your critical business listings simultaneously directly from the DealerOn website platform.

In addition to contact information and hours, Listings Manager can even manage individual departments within your business. Does your service department have different hours than your showroom? With Listings Manager, you can update them individually, and have that information then synced with your Google Business Profile. Your information is easy to access and highly visible to your customers.

The top 10% most accurate locations had 18x the search visibility over the least.

Listings Manager can post special offers to your Google Business Profile, so customers can see them directly on Google. In addition, Listings Manager syncs with your Google Business Profile, in order to present advanced reporting and analytics in the intuitive Listings Manager interface. With easy access to this information at your fingertips, you can plan your marketing with concrete numbers backing up your important choices, and you can do it in real time.


Keep your local citation’s up to date and in-sync.
Schedule a Listings Manager demo and we’ll show you how!


Listings Manager grows even more powerful with DealerOn’s Symphony. Symphony automates the creation of specials, including landing pages. Listings Manager further automates the process, pushing those special offers to your Google Business Profile. Without any effort from you, these two products put your specials on the most popular website in the world.

Listings Manager is perfect for handling the necessary but time-consuming tasks involved in keeping your SEO efforts in top shape and pushing your specials. Listings Manager is the tool no dealership can afford to be without. Schedule your free demo and find out what you’re missing.

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