Educating clients is the best way to achieve Local SEO success

Everybody wants a great relationship with their clients, but it’s not always easy when your clients (or your bosses) don’t understand local SEO and the incredible amount of work it takes to optimize a website. If you ask our Director of Search and Social, Greg Gifford, it’s because most of us in the SEO business are so entrenched in our work that we forget not everyone knows as much about SEO as we do.

In fact, most people don’t really have a category for SEO — and they might not even know what the acronym stands for! Educating your clients needs to be one of your top priorities, otherwise you may not have those new clients for very long.

Fortunately, Greg’s written a brilliant post for our friends at Search Engine Land that talks all about how to set client expectations and set yourself (and your company) up for a successful relationship.

And, hey, if you know someone who keeps losing unhappy customers, show them this article!