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Internal Linking Helps With Car Dealer Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization can be a complicated process, especially since Google is rumored to use over 200 factors when determining how high (or low) your car dealership website ranks on their result pages.  While most people attribute successful SEO to things like keywords, meta tags, and external links, some SEO vendors forget about the importance of internal linking.

Internal linking is just another way to help Google, or other search engines, tell what each page on your car dealer website is about.  Essentially, internal links are those that go from one page of your site to another (external links are to another site).  One reason internal links are a valuable focus for your SEO efforts is because you can control the text that is linked (anchor text), an important aspect of SEO for your dealership site.

Another benefit of internal linking is that is helps create a content silo for your auto dealership website.  Search engines look at the internal linking structure (which pages link to which, the anchor text used) to not only learn what each page is about, but also to help judge the quality of the site.  A well maintained content silo on your auto dealership site can be an extremely valuable part of your SEO efforts.

Make sure your dealership site has internal linking that is well-planned and effective.  If it doesn’t, ask your auto dealer website provider why.  It’s an important part of a well-rounded search engine optimization strategy for car dealers.'

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