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Improve your customer experience with these six tips!

CX Techniques for your website
CX Techniques for your website

For customer experience, your website is only the beginning. These six tips will help improve your customer experience.

Customer experience, or CX, is an elusive concept that is nonetheless one of the most important parts of your long term success. As with most things in the modern landscape, CX begins with a slick, modern, and easy-to-use website, but it doesn’t end there. Content is an often overlooked part of the equation.

CX Techniques for your website


1. Talk about your cars

Whatever your OEM is, you’ve spent years of your life touting its virtues. Put that knowledge to use in a way that will be helpful to your customers. Turning your blog into an owner’s manual for the various vehicles you sell adds a huge amount of value to your site. It also encourages repeat users, who can then avail themselves of special offers, either on new cars or for a scheduled trip to your service department.

It’s also a great way to show you care. Giving your customers tips and tricks about how best to take care of their purchase adds value to it, and it deepens the relationship your business has with the community at large.

2. Show your connection to the community

Speaking of the community, we’ve talked in this space about the importance of giving back. Whatever you’re doing, whether it’s sponsoring a youth sports team or organizing food drives when disaster hits, it’s always a good idea to share images and the like. This is not about bragging, although that’s a bit of it, but more about highlighting what you do.

3. Your contact info better be front and center

Not literally front and center, but contacting you should be the easiest thing a visitor does all day. Do not make customers hunt for your phone number, address, or email. The more difficult you make that information to find, the more customers you will lose.

Giving your customers tips and tricks about how best to take care of their purchase adds value to it, and it deepens the relationship your business has with the community at large.

4. How’s your content marketing?

Check the archives for a detailed dive into content marketing, but here’s the short version: content marketing is content—blog posts, podcasts, pictures, whatever—that does some marketing for you. You’re marketing two things: your vehicles and why customers should specifically come to your store to buy those vehicles.

Whatever you end up choosing to do with regards to your content marketing, you should keep those two points in mind. Always keep the content marketing on task, as well as producing the kind of content people actually want to consume.

5. Trust is huge

Car dealers have an unfortunate reputation for dishonesty in the culture at large that you constantly have to fight against. While it feels unfair, it means you have to do more to establish trust with your customers than any other business out there, with the possible exception of lawyers.

The simplest way to do this is to be transparent. Let your customers know the reasons for any delays. Show them how you arrive at the fairest price in town. Respond to customer concerns promptly, apologize for shortcomings, and make it right.

6. Think about what you want when you buy a car

A customer wants their specific needs met. Find out what those are—whether it’s a commuter who needs great gas mileage, a parent who needs plentiful seating, or a divorcee who wants something fast and sexy—and help out. Put the person in their dream car with a minimum of fuss, and the vast majority will love the experience.

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