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How Often Should Your Keywords Appear In Your Content?

Keywords in Content
Keywords in Content

What exactly is the right amount of keywords to use in order for your content to rank in Google Search? In this DealerOn University article we’re taking a look at what some of the top minds at Google had to say about this commonly asked SEO question.

Keywords in Content

What is the right amount of Keywords?

One of the most commonly asked questions in SEO is how many times should keywords be used in your content? The assumption made here is that Google has a magic number coded into the search engine. Either a concrete figure that keywords had to reach before they register, or as a percentage of words on the page. The idea being that for a keyword to be valid, it must constantly appear in the content.


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Don’t focus on keywords, focus on writing naturally

Google has answered unequivocally that there is neither a figure nor a ratio that keywords need to reach in order to be recognized by the search engine. When working on your pages, adding keywords is a good thing, but there is no magic number. Google recommends “writing naturally.” If your keywords and content match, the keywords should appear in the content without any special effort on your part.


“In general the number of times that you use a keyword on a page, I don’t think that really matters or makes sense. When you’re writing naturally usually that resolves itself automatically.” – Google’s John Mueller


Don’t keyword stuff your content

Google advises not to over-focus on keywords. What that means is not to worry about having singular and plural forms of every one, or different conjugations. Don’t concentrate on keywords on that level. Including them is still necessary, but really only one form will do all the work you need it to. Keywords should appear in your content, but not to an excessive degree. If your keywords accurately describe your content, they’ll appear in it without you even trying.

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