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Happy New Year 2010

By December 31, 2009DealerOn

Happy New Year from DealerOn!

On behalf of everyone that works at DealerOn, I’d like to give a sincere thank you to all of our auto dealer website customers and online interactive marketing partners.  Our business is only successful when yours is, and working together is the only way we can both achieve our goals.

2009 has been a difficult year for most in the auto industry, but DealerOn has remained dedicated to helping our auto dealership website customers remain successful and profitable.  We have done this by improving our website technology, customer support, and industry knowledge.

With the loss of our CEO and dear friend, Navid Azadi, DealerOn has had a difficult year as well.  This sudden and sad loss has made the entire DealerOn staff even more focused on making DealerOn the success we, and Navid, knew it could be, and that means a focus on technology and you, our auto dealer website customers.

Again, have a wonderful New Year’s celebration this weekend.  We look forward to continuing to earn your business in 2010.'

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