I recently found a great article that discusses very specific things businesses should be doing to help their Google Places Listing improve its ranking.  Bizible, a start-up that makes local marketing software for businesses, conducted a pretty scientific attempt to determine how best to improve the rank of your Google Places Listing.

It is also interesting because his is the first time I’ve seen a distinction between Google Places Listings for integrated search results and Google Places Listings for non-integrated search results (searches occurring directly in Google Places).

Top Factors to Improve Ranking for Pages in Integrated Results

1. Have the category of your places page match a broader category than the search.  For example, if your dealership places page is Automotive, that is a broader category than a specific make which someone may search for.

2. Have the search category appear in the name of your business.  This is great for dealerships that have the city name and make in your dealer name.

3. Make sure your search category appears in the “at a glance” section.

Top Factors to Improve Ranking for Pages Not In Integrated Results

1. Have 5 or more Google reviews.

2. Have the location in the “at a glance” section

3. Have the category term in the Google review content.  Make sure your dealership business category is in the reviews left by your customers.

4. Put the category term in the business description.

5. Make sure your category term appears in the “at a glance” section.