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Four Tips for Mastering Digital Retail at Your Dealership

Mastering Digital Retail
Mastering Digital Retail

The past two years have spurred a deeper reliance on digital retailing and the results are in: customers love it. A recent Dealer Impact Study by Roadster and NADA found that 86% of car buyers finished some portion of the transaction online. More importantly, they enjoyed the experience!

Mastering Digital Retail

So how can your dealership capitalize on this changing landscape? The first and most obvious is to have a solid digital presence bolstered by the latest in user-friendly technology. Talk to us at DealerOn for that. The second is to identify the friction points between the online and the physical worlds and work to resolve them.

1. Duplicate leads

A lead submitted online and a lead gained in a traditional way can result in two different records of the same customer. In addition to the frustration the customer will experience when submitting the same information more than once, you have the roadblock of your team acting with incomplete information.

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2. Incorrect pricing

A vehicle on your lot has to be consistently priced everywhere. That sticker in the windshield has to match what’s on your site and anywhere else it appears. Price is going to be one of the biggest pain points for any customer and it’s imperative that it be correct from one place to the other or expect to lose out on a lot of sales.

3. One deal, one entry

If a customer agrees to a deal online, making them go through the process again is guaranteed to annoy them. And what if the terms you come to in person are different than the ones agreed to online? That’s a recipe for an angry customer who isn’t setting foot in your store again.

Identify the friction points between the online and the physical worlds and work to resolve them.

4. Getting over the finish line

The end of a car deal can often be the longest step, as different departments compartmentalize important aspects. Getting these final bits all in one spot can significantly reduce a customer’s frustration. And sending them out the door with a smile on their face is how you get repeat business.

Keeping these four points in mind will help you smooth the transition from digital to physical and keep your modern customer happy!

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