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Find the Right PPC Provider for You

Car dealers that use pay-per-click advertising for their dealership website often turn to a managed service.  If your car dealership is ready to turn your PPC campaign over, or you’re just looking to get started with PPC, here are some things you should look for when determining which car dealer PPC manager is best for your dealership.

It’s so important that you know what is important to your dealership.  There is no PPC managing program that has everything for everyone.  When you know what your dealership’s needs and wants are for your PPC ad campaigns, you’ll be better able to find the PPC manager that fits your car dealership best.

Ask the vendors you are considering what is coming down the pipeline.  What new features are they working on?  Where is the company headed?  You’ll want a company that is continually moving forward and constantly innovating.  You should also ask vendors what their strong points and weaknesses are.  This will help you make sure the vendor can deliver on the needs you’ve established your dealership has.

Ask around.  There are tons of forums, blogs, and 20 groups that have a lot of information your auto dealership can use.  See which vendors have been successful, which are lacking, and which are recommended.  Just like your customers use dealership reviews to evaluate which car dealer to buy from, testimonials and first-hand experience can be very telling.'

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