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Feature Friday: Auto Parts Kit Integration

By December 15, 2017Feature Friday

They say not to put your eggs all in one basket, but sometimes one basket is all you need. If your site doesn’t offer a reputable, trustworthy page dedicated to selling parts and accessories, you’re missing out on some serious profits.

That’s where DealerOn’s Auto Parts Kit Integration comes in. Tap into some serious cash and make your customers’ shopping experiences as simple as possible by keeping your parts and accessories all in one place. Our APK feature is also the only kind in the industry that can be integrated into your website, which means your customer’s won’t have to leave your site to find what they’re looking for.

Don’t let competing chain garages or DIY videos take this sales opportunity away from you! Keep your customers on your site and coming back for more with a page dedicated to parts and accessories.

Learn more about how a turnkey, integrated parts & accessories platform can make your dealership a one-stop shop!


Who enjoys going to the supermarket to buy groceries, but another store to buy cold medicine? Or how about buying some office supplies at one business, then driving across town to get new socks? Nobody, and we’re pretty sure that’s why Walmart was created, but don’t quote us on that.

Here’s something you can quote us on, though, “Your customers can buy replacement parts and accessories for their cars, right from your dealership’s website.”

That’s right, no making specialty orders and going from shop to shop for your customers, they can just order it directly on your site with DealerOn’s APK Integration.

It stands for Auto Parts Kit, and we’ve teamed up with one of our collaborators to make this possible.  We’re all about things that make sense, from the all-in-one shampoo + conditioner, to making sure your customers are taken care of from the time they purchase their car, to their next oil change.

We’re living in the DIY age, and the internet is full of tutorials for those who want to take charge, save a few bucks, and get their hands a little dirty. But let’s be honest, who are your customers going to trust: A1-CarFixItGuy on YouTube, or your familiar website with APK integration?

With an easy-to-use interface, your customers will be able to match their parts needed with their vehicle to ensure compatibility, and your dealership comes out on top.

That’s it for our Feature Friday, tune in next week for more tips & tricks to rock your dealership!


Author Michael DeVito

Michael joined DealerOn in 2011 and oversees the Design, Development and Production departments at DealerOn in his role as the Chief Creative Officer. With 15 years of experience in multimedia/web design, Michael is an expert in interactive design, UX, brand identity design, content creation and print collateral. Michael is responsible for the design and coordination of development of DealerOn’s responsive website platform, Chameleon which has fueled the growth for the company. He has worked as a designer, writer and art director for a variety of companies including Marvel, DC Comics, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, and MTV. Outside of his work at DealerOn, Michael will be serving as an Executive Producer for Walt Disney Pictures on an upcoming film adaptation of the New York Times bestselling graphic novel, The Stuff of Legend, published by his company, Th3rd World Studios.

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