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Your Auto Dealership and Facebook’s Community Pages

By September 2, 2010Social Media

Facebook Community pages have been a “new” feature for about four months, yet many people and businesses don’t know much about them.  Essentially, Facebook uses Community Pages to gather information from across their platform, creating a sort of wiki of information, even including information from Wikipedia when appropriate.   According to the social network, “Community Pages are meant to be the best collection of shared knowledge on topics that interest you.”

Facebook asked users to link profile sections (like interests, employers, wall, etc) to a Community Page in order to “discover the friends and people who share these connections with you.”  While this can be a great tool for users, imagine what this might do for your car dealership that isn’t aware of their dealer Community Page?

Everyone who mentions your auto dealership on their Facebook page, positively or negatively, could have that information included on the Community Page, without your car dealer staff being aware.  Here are some steps your dealership can take to avoid having a potential dealer Community Page disaster:

First, search for your dealership’s name to see if a Community Page exists.  If so, click on the “sign up” link so someone from your dealership will be contacted with updates for your Community Page.  Facebook has been slow to make the connections from business sites, like a car dealer website, to Community Pages, so unfortunately, your car dealership may just have to bide your time and check your Community Page often.  It can be a great tool to track what Facebook users are saying about your dealership, or even your OEM, online.'

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