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Facebook Changes Rules for Landing Tabs

By May 21, 2010Social Media

Looks like Facebook isn’t just pulling the privacy rug out from under its many users, it’s also changing the way small businesses, including most auto dealerships, can use the social media platform.  Previously, Facebook allowed all business pages to create a customized landing tab that visitors would see when visiting your auto dealer’s page.  Facebook has announced that now only “authenticated pages” will be able to use a landing tab.  This means that a “page must have greater than 10,000 fans or the Page admin must work with their ads account manager” in order to be considered “authentic”.  Pages that don’t fit into those categories will not be able to use landing tabs anymore.

This latest change is in addition to the introduction of Community pages.  These are pages designed to be “the best collection of shared knowledge on a topic.”  Wikipedia information will be shown, but Facebook is looking for users to contribute information as well.  This could create a problem for small businesses as it could potentially limit the amount of control your dealership has over its brand.  These pages aren’t controlled by a business or brand, but by Facebook and user content.

Your car dealer online marketing vendor should be able to help your dealership understand these and other changes in the social media world.  I’ll have a post up Monday on ways your car dealership can get around these restrictions on using a landing tab for your auto dealer Facebook page.  Please call us at DealerOn (877-543-4200) if you would like more information regarding how to get the most out of your dealership’s presence on Facebook or other social media outlets.'

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