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Last week I wrote about ways auto dealerships looking to have their pay-per-click ad campaign managed by a vendor can find the best partner that best fits their goals.  I realize that not every auto dealership will decide to go that route, so I’ve found some tips for car dealers looking to manage their own PPC accounts.

You have to have some knowledge of the pay per click process.  This can be found in books, conferences, online articles or auto industry blogs, or by talking to other dealers that are running their own ad campaigns.  “Knowledge is Power” may be a bit of a cliché, but it holds true; before you begin, educated yourself on at least the very basics of PPC.  Make sure you continue to research and learn throughout your time as a PPC ad campaign manager.

Start slowly.  Get your feet wet with a few keywords to help you understand the process and the amount of time a full PPC campaign will take to manage. Diversify your ad campaign only when you feel comfortable doing so.

Test often and consistently.  Test which keywords are performing the best, the cost-per-click of these keywords, and which positions result in the best ROI for your auto dealership.  Only through testing will you be able to determine if you are successfully managing your PPC accounts, or if it might be time to partner with an auto dealership PPC vendor that can get better results.'

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