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Auto Dealership Viral Video Tips

By July 16, 2010Video

Everyone wants the videos they make to go viral, meaning they get spread around the Internet, sent from friend to friend.  Viral videos can give your auto dealership a huge increase in brand awareness and buzz, huge marketing benefits and an increase in car dealer website traffic with little cost.

One recent example that was ALL over Twitter and the news websites on Wednesday is the Old Spice Dude’s proposal video.  For the cost of making this viral video, Old Spice has been able to get their brand name in front of millions of people.

Viral videos can do great things for auto dealerships and their brand awareness–but the question always remains, how do you get your dealership’s videos to become viral?

There is no formula for what makes a video go viral, and I think that is really important to remember.  There are, however, guidelines to follow if you want to stand a chance:

You must capture attention within seconds.  No one is going to pass something on to their friends if it isn’t funny, shocking, surprising, or engaging within the first few seconds.  You’ll lose their attention, point blank.

It has to tie to your brand.  If you make a video that goes viral, yet has no tie or mention of your dealership or brand, all that marketing buzz and exposure will be lost.  Sure, everyone might be talking about the video, but if they don’t connect that video to your car dealership, you’ve lost a huge opportunity.

Finally, be honest.  Don’t try to make viewers think the video was made by a third party if it wasn’t.  Promote your hopefully viral video on your dealer blog, through email lists, and on your dealership’s Facebook page.  People want to be entertained, but they don’t want to feel cheated or lied to.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]'

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