This week’s Wednesday Workshop video shares a story from a recent conversation with a dealer. In the middle of explaining the results of a PPC audit, our team mentioned Jeeps several times. The dealer finally stopped us and said, “We don’t sell Jeeps!”

Watch the video to find out what happened… (it wasn’t our fault, and the dealer wasn’t mad at us)

Hey it’s Shaun and we’re back with another Wednesday workshop from DealerOn…

This week I’m sharing a real life story from a recent conversation with dealer.

In case you didn’t know… our PPC team conducts audits for dealers. Every audit produces interesting information for the dealer to use in improving PPC campaign performance, but some of the dealers are skeptical from the beginning… and this is one of those stories.

PIcture if you will a Chrysler dealer… spending thousands – and I mean thousands – of dollars on PPC. Like most of our audits, we find some issues with how their campaigns are set up. Things like way too many keywords in massive new car ad groups, poor management of negatives, no ad schedule set, no mobile preferred ads, wasteful targeting methods and so on.

During this audit, we mentioned Jeep several times during the conversation before the dealer finally served us up a gotcha moment…

“We don’t sell Jeeps.”

At first, you think uh oh… we look foolish for not knowing they don’t sell Jeeps – but that’s not how this story goes.

You see, this dealer truly doesn’t sell Jeeps. They are only a Dodge Chrysler (or Chrysler Dodge) store, but guess what?

They were spending a TON of money on Jeep keywords.

We showed them exactly where to go in their AdWords account to see for themselves, and as you might imagine… they were REALLY upset. On the bright side, they were glad to have at least uncovered the problem.

Are you wasting money with SEM providers that don’t even know what brands you sell?

Search isn’t simple. SEO, SEM; organic or paid. It requires expertise and attention to detail.

Maybe our PPC team can help your dealership… Feel free to let us know you want us to take a look at things – our audits are free. Or, if you’ve got questions or comments, leave them down below and we’ll get back to you.

Don’t forget to come back next week for another Wednesday Workshop from DealerOn.