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Tech Advances of Digital Assistants

Wednesday Workshop DealerOn + Pypestream
Wednesday Workshop DealerOn + Pypestream

Digital assistants are a must-have technology for a dealership website, but not all chat services are created equal. Learn how we went from simple chatbots to full-service Digital Assistants in this Wednesday Workshop.

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Welcome back to another Wednesday Workshop from DealerOn.

Digital Assistants have become an integral part of many websites. In their short lifespan, they’ve come a long way from simple automated FAQs to AIs that can determine a user’s intent from context.

Pypestream has been the leader in the development of digital assistants.

Digital assistants are measured in two categories: intelligence and user experience.

A digital assistant’s intelligence measures two distinct factors, and a good AI will score highly on both of them. Natural language understanding is the first, and it measures how well a digital assistant can understand language as used by human beings. A high IQ digital assistant can understand and address intent without expecting a customer to use any special words or commands.

Automation is the other determining factor for IQ. If it’s being managed by a person, it’s just live-chat and not saving you labor. In addition, a high IQ digital assistant should be able to do things like scheduling appointments or take orders and payments.

The other category is User Experience and is arguably more important than intelligence.

Pypestream took this concept and ran with it, creating conversational user interfaces also known as GUI. Conversational GUIs have high IQs and excellent UX, giving dealers a digital assistant that reduces workload and that customers love to interact with.

DealerOn is proud to have partnered with Pypestream for the creation of our very own conversational GUI, Cyrus. Cyrus has both a high intelligence and unparalleled user experience, seamlessly connecting with customers and allowing them to shop for vehicles, value their trade-ins, and schedule service appointments.

That’s all the time we have this week. Thanks for watching, and visit for your free demo today.

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