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Omni-channel Marketing Automation for Your Dealership

Omni-channel Marketing Automation
Omni-channel Marketing Automation

Symphony Automation Suite is already an incredible time and labor-saving tool. Find out how it can enhance your customers’ experience with omni-channel marketing automation!




Welcome back to another Wednesday Workshop from DealerOn.

How’s your omni-channel marketing strategy? Ok, but could be better? Today we’re going to discuss how Symphony, an automation product from DealerOn, can help. But first, a quick refresher on what omni-channel marketing means.

omni-channel marketing is the integration of all offline and online points of contact to deliver to the customer a unified experience.

For example, a customer might click on a paid ad while searching on Google and follow a link to your website. Once there, they browse your specials to see what sort of deals you have. A chat launches and they engage with it to answer a few questions. When they’re about to leave, the site gives them an offer. This offer leads to an in-store visit.

The customer has engaged at six different points and received a seamless shopping experience.

omni-channel experiences are what customers demand now. In a Harvard Business Review study, 73% of respondents reported using multiple channels on their shopping experience.

Shoppers who used 4 or more channels spent on average 9% more at the store. This means that not only are multiple channel shoppers far more common, but they are also more valuable.

Offering an omni-channel experience is a no brainer, but it can be a lot of work to ensure that you are everywhere your customers are. Most importantly you want to make sure you are delivering a consistent message no matter how or where they engage with you.


Supercharge your omni-channel marketing with Symphony Automation Suite


DealerOn has a solution to help your dealership deliver omni-channel experiences in the form of Symphony automation suite, and It’s already making life easier for many of our customers.

Symphony connects all of your critical channels from paid advertising to website to chat and even social via your Google Business Profile.

It starts by dynamically creating specials and specials landing pages for every offer manufacturers have available.

Symphony then syndicates those offers to every channel, meaning no matter how your customers choose to contact you, they’ll be seeing consistent messages

Time-sensitive specials will be posted as soon as possible, allowing your customers to never miss one, and letting you use your valuable time to follow up on leads and make sales.

That’s all the time we have for this week. If you want to see how Symphony can make your marketing truly omni-channel, head over to and schedule your free demo today./ And thanks for watching.

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