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You Need to Test the New Google Ad Platform Now


You might have missed it, but in late September, Google announced a potentially revolutionary new Adwords marketing channel that they’ve named Customer Match. Google is giving dealers the ability to sell and service more cars by getting more value out of an asset they already own – their existing customer lists.

Historically, Google’s business model has been serving ads to their users, based on their goals and specific intentions (the keywords they type in their Google Search). Google also gave companies the ability to remarket to customers who had visited their site, using 1st party cookies via Google Analytics. Until the rollout of Customer Match a few weeks ago, businesses were not able to deliver customized ads and offers targeted to their existing clients.

How does Customer Match work?

Dealers can export a list of customer emails (from their DMS, CRM, or any other internal database), encrypt the file (this is required by Google to make sure there are no security problems), and then send the file to Google. Google is not the first advertising platform to offer this type of targeting – both Facebook and Twitter have already rolled out something similar. However, since Google is more focused on consumer intention “in the moment”, there is much more potential.

DealerOn has begun beta-testing Customer Match with some of our more progressive dealers. There are some security concerns, since we’re sharing actual customer email addresses with Google – but Google’s encryption requirements are pretty stringent. Once dealers are familiar with the security protocols, I don’t think this will keep them from trying Customer Match.

You can also target similar audiences

Google released an additional tool with Customer Match that further extends the value of the offering. Based on the demographic, psychographic, and geographic information of your customer list, Google will scour its databases to find similar consumers in your area. You can target these anonymous consumers with ads, just as you can with your original list.

Want to join the Customer Match pilot?

Interested in participating in our pilot of Google’s new Customer Match offering? Contact us at and we can discuss whether your dealership would be a good fit for our beta test of this service.

Author Chris Deringer

Chris joined DealerOn in 2008 and is responsible for leading DealerOn’s Marketing and Operational Functions (product marketing, product management, brand building, channel marketing, and corporate communications) With 13 years of Digital Marketing optimization experience and success, Chris is an expert in all aspects of online marketing and e-commerce, including SEO, Paid Search, conversion optimization, web analytics, A/B and multi-variate website testing. Prior to DealerOn, Chris spent 6 years at Network Solutions where he lead the online marketing strategy team and analytics areas. Chris is known as the foremost authority in automotive on how to measure and optimize marketing performance with Google Analytics. Chris is a Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified expert, a 2012-2014 MobileWebAwards judge, and a past member of the Web Analytics Association. He has spoken at national and international conferences for NADA on the subject. Prior to DealerOn, Chris spent 7 years at Network Solutions, at the time, the largest domain name, website, email and online marketing company for small businesses in the United States, helping lead the online marketing strategy analytics areas. He worked in marketing and financial management roles at Fortune 100 companies Intel and MCI. Education: MBA in Marketing, University of Texas, B.A., University of Virginia

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