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Get To Know Cyrus: Your New Digital Assistant

Get To Know Cyrus Digital Assistant For Dealerships
Get To Know Cyrus Digital Assistant For Dealerships

Cyrus, DealerOn’s premier Digital Assistant, gives your dealership the edge in the race to provide shoppers with the ultimate car buying experience. Read on to find out how Cyrus Digital Assistant can nurture leads with great customer service!

Get To Know Cyrus Digital Assistant For Dealerships

Finding a reliable digital assistant for car shoppers has been nearly impossible… Until Cyrus Digital Assistant, now available from DealerOn.


Because your time is so valuable, it can be hard to prioritize where to spend it. Contact from prospective and returning car shoppers is critical to your business, yet the bulk of what their concerns are the same few things. Initial shopper point of contact is the perfect place for automation… if you can find a Digital Assistant with the power to provide the same level of customer service as a human employee. 


Pypestream / Pulse Automation Data

Businesses are taking advantage of the AI and automation capabilities of Digital Assistants. Source: Pypestream and Pulse survey of 100 Customer Experience Executives

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That’s where Cyrus Digital Assistant, designed and engineered exclusively for automotive retailers, comes in. DealerOn, in partnership with the tech wizards at Pypestream, created Cyrus Digital Assistant. Cyrus is designed and engineered from the ground up to provide excellent customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever your car shoppers need it.

The Cyrus engagement interface, powered by Pypestream, is tailored to the specific needs of car shoppers, allowing your shoppers to take any action, on any of your channels, at anytime. Midnight car shoppers? No problem. Cyrus Digital Assistant gives car shoppers the information they are looking for, whether that is used specials, trade-in evaluations, or just taking a look at the latest new inventory arrivals. Your shoppers are no longer limited by store hours or staffing.


Cyrus Digital Assistant gives car shoppers the information they are looking for, whether that is used specials, trade-in evaluations, or just taking a look at the latest new inventory arrivals.


At the initial point of contact, Cyrus gives car shoppers four options to choose from. The options are: Find a Vehicle, What’s My Vehicle Worth?, Service My Vehicle, and See Special Offers. For shoppers that do not see what they need at the point of contact options, they can easily use the Free Search option, and Cyrus Digital Assistant presents their query results.


Cyrus screenshot showing initial options

Car shoppers can be quickly funneled to their appropriate channel with Cyrus.


After a shopper finds the option they are looking for, Cyrus Digital Assistant begins asking questions, in order to get the full picture of the particular shopper is looking for. For example, when a shopper clicks on Find a Vehicle, Cyrus Digital Assistant gives the option to Search via filter, or enter a Make and Model if the customer already knows the vehicle they are searching for. Vehicle trade-in’s are evaluated through a user-friendly menu system, powered by Kelly Blue Book. Customers will feel secure in the knowledge that Cyrus Digital Assistant (and your dealership) is giving them fair and accurate estimates.

The special offers gives an option between searching on the site or being contacted by a sales associate, letting the proper sales channel know they have a new lead to follow up and giving your shoppers the assurance that your store will give them the personal care they need.


Cyrus Digital Assistant

Cyrus can help your shoppers view specials directly from the chat window.


Cyrus Digital Assistant, powered by Pypestream and only available from DealerOn, is the ultimate Digital Assistant for your store. Cyrus gives your shoppers 24/7 assistance while simultaneously nurturing sales and service leads.

Ready to meet Cyrus Digital Assistant?

Schedule your free demo so we can show you all the ways Cyrus Digital Assistant boosts your automotive retailing experience.



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