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Easily Create & Manage Specials with Specials Manager

Special offers are one of the most reliable moneymakers you have in your toolbox. Many dealers choose to go without, simply because of the sheer amount of time and hassle that needs to be devoted to managing them every day. By some estimates, it can take over fifty hours a year to properly manage your specials, and for a busy professional like you, that’s fifty hours you just don’t have.

That’s why DealerOn created the Enterprise Specials Manager, an intuitive builder that reduces specials creation time from hours to minutes. ESM allows you to create, manage, and share special offers quickly and easily across networks of sites. ESM dynamically generates pages for every special eliminating the overhead of manually generating paid search landing pages. With ESM, time and hassle are a thing of the past. A few clicks of a button and all you have to do is reap the benefits of a robust and attractive suite of specials.

The ESM can create and share multiple specials at once, extend service specials with a few clicks, and create optimized landing pages for your specials and much more. ESM handles the time-consuming and tedious aspects of your business to free up your valuable time.

DealerOn has given control back to you with ESM. This tool is engineered to be user-friendly, efficient, and powerful. It even includes a function to set customized schedules for your offers, and an easy-to-use media gallery that lets you upload your own graphics. Customize your CTAs and buttons with every offer. The power is in your hands.

It gets even better. DealerOn’s revolutionary Symphony allows specials to be automatically generated. When combined with ESM, this is an enormous amount of time and hassle that just vanished from your schedule. ESM is great on its own, but unlock its true potential in concert with Symphony, and you’ll wonder what you’re going to do with all this free time.

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