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Content Delivery Networks Make Your Website Fast and Secure

Content Delivery Networks
Content Delivery Networks

DealerOn is able to offer the fastest and most reliable sites to our clients, one of the reasons being the use of Content Delivery Networks, also known as CDN. This network allows content providers to distribute assets in an efficient and safe manner all over the world. Learn more about them in this DealerOn University article.

Content Delivery Networks


A Content Delivery Network, or CDN, is a network of servers distributed around the world. CDNs can load web page assets from any of their individual servers, which increases loading speed by allowing the CDN to load content from a server physically closer to a visitor.

Website data is just like car travel: the shorter the road, the quicker the trip. CDNs ensure that the trip is as short as possible.


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And because of the redundancies built in, the network is more robust. If it’s getting a lot of demands from one place, a CDN can always shunt some of the traffic to a server in less use at that moment. This same process is how CDNs make your site less vulnerable to certain kinds of cyber attacks.

Load speed is a huge part of SEO. Even before Google instituted its Core Web Vitals, load speed was one of the top factors in not only SEO but user experience.

Now, Google has codified load speed with LCP. Anything that can increase load speed is worth investing in, and CDNs do that and more.

In simplest terms, CDNs directly help with SEO by addressing a Core Web Vital. With all of these benefits, using CDNs would be worthwhile even if they cost an arm and a leg. But they can actually save you money.


Google has codified load speed with LCP. Anything that can increase load speed is worth investing in, and CDNs do that and more.


With CDNs in place, your website doesn’t have to load all of its content every time there is a visitor. When you load cached versions of pages from closer servers, you end up saving on bandwidth costs.

If you’re a DealerOn client, I have good news: DealerOn uses CDNs for all the reasons laid out here. Our clients love the speed and convenience of a DealerOn site. To learn more about how CDNs and DealerOn’s platform can improve your dealership’s online presence, schedule your free demo today.

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