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Apex Digital Retail Has Brand New Features Available

DealerTrack Instant Credit Check Benefits:
DealerTrack Instant Credit Check Benefits:

Apex Digital Retail has gotten a major upgrade that we couldn’t be more excited to share with you! Sporting a fresh new look and loaded with new features, Apex Digital Retail has evolved into an elite open-retailing solution that can outperform the competition. Read on for a full breakdown of the latest features.

DealerTrack Instant Credit Check Benefits:

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Personalization and User Experience Upgrades

Our predictive cash incentive selection feature is a user-friendly way to help your shoppers understand and choose the rebates best for them. Instead of forcing the shopper to read through a long list of lender rebates, Apex will categorize the offers and allow users to view the incentive options based on common groups like military and recent college graduates. This makes for a smoother process for the end user and increases the likelihood of them finalizing the offer and generating a high-quality lead.

The new Deal Links feature allows customers to instantly rebuild their deal, no login needed. They can easily share their offer with a friend or pull it up right in your dealership.

A complete redesign of the offer summary now breaks down all financing, taxes, fees, and incentives selected by the shopper. The offer summary toggle, including relevant disclaimers, is always one click away at the bottom of the Apex modal. The summary is dynamically built as the user makes choices and works in conjunction with the Apex modal header.

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Kelly Blue Book Trade Valuation

Apex is now fully integrated with KBB’s trade evaluator. When you enroll with Apex, you can select between KBB and Trade Pending. In addition, the KBB valuation is determined quickly and easily by the shopper’s Year, Make, Model, Trim and features or VIN, streamlining an operation that otherwise can take large amounts of time.

Test Drive by Draiver

Apex is fully integrated with Draiver, meaning test drives are easy to offer. Draiver is a service that provides contactless on-demand delivery of vehicles anywhere. By leveraging Draiver, even the smallest store can offer remote test drives.

Graceful Gating

Apex’s new optional gating shows the shopper the initial payment but locks the ability to personalize it until the shopper puts in a little bit of core information. This helps Apex build the lead and encourages the shopper to interact with Apex.

Additional Financing Options

Non-captive financing gives shoppers a greater choice between financing sources. In addition, offer shopping improves engagement by encouraging shoppers to comparison shop among multiple financing options. Shoppers can search offers based on Lowest Monthly Payment, Total Payment, APR, and Offer Total, and then select from both captive and non-captive options.

The Apex Difference

Apex Digital Retail lets car shoppers configure a lease or finance payment personalized to their unique needs. This is a comprehensive open-retailing solution built from the ground up for the needs of both automotive retailers and car shoppers. From smart incentive selection, multiple payment options and banks, F&I products, trade-ins, and real-time, instant credit checks through DealerTrack that creates a digital signing room with eSign contracts, Apex Digital Retail is an indispensable tool in every automotive retailer’s digital toolbox.

Unlike 3rd party tools, Apex Digital Retail is completely native to your website, meaning your customers will receive the best possible user experience without the pain points common to the other solutions. 1st party digital retailing means that you don’t need to worry about exporting pricing data to an outside source, your site doesn’t slow down while importing the pricing data, and the implementation on your website is seamless.

Schedule your demo today and let us show off all the benefits that Apex Digital Retail can bring to your online car shopping experience.

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