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4 Tips To Optimize Your Google Display Ads

Optimize Google Display Ads
Optimize Google Display Ads

New to Google Display Advertising? This simple overview of Google Display Ads tells you everything you need to know to optimize your dealership’s experience.

Optimize Google Display Ads

Are your display campaigns optimized on the Google Display Network? If not, you could be losing out on traffic right now. Today, we’re going to over the 4 questions you need to be asking whenever you set up a Google Display Ad.

Number one. Are your campaigns set up correctly?

To ensure your campaigns get off on the right foot, there are a couple steps you need to take. Check your conversion tracking tag so that you will be tracking website and app conversions accurately. Keep your search and display campaigns separate so as to optimize for the right context. And look beyond last-click attribution. The pathway to conversion is a complex one and too many campaigns look only at the final click and weight it too heavily in analysis.

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Number two. Are you reaching the right audience when they’re most receptive?

Some of the best customers are those who have visited your site once and returned later. Use the Display marketing guide to target these re-engagers. Use the Add similar audiences function to reach people like your current customers. And familiarize yourself with the Choose keyword function to grab those keywords most utilized by your customers.

Number three. Are the message and the bid matched to the moment?

Use responsive display ads to craft beautiful ads that will look great regardless of the device or browser your visitors use. Then save time by using an automated bid strategy.

Number four. Is your display performance optimized?

Use exclusions to get rid of site categories and placements that are underperforming. Keep your budget where it does the most good. To sign on with the experts in Google ads, schedule your free demo.

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