Local SEO makes your website relevant

Google will show local results for certain types of searches, and it treats car dealers the same way. Local SEO is critical for getting your dealership the best visibility in local searches. In fact, boosting your site’s local SEO signals will give your dealership more visibility than doing the traditional SEO that other agencies provide. If your dealership wants more organic traffic, then your website needs the Local SEO signals that only DealerOn can provide. We’re not talking about simply slapping your city’s name on your website. DealerOn is an expert with this complex subset of traditional SEO, and we’ve got a killer strategy to prove it. For some serious education (and some nerdy details), keep reading.

Google’s “Page 1” is a King-of-the-Hill battle

When most dealers think about SEO, they’re thinking about traditional SEO, which is signals both on and off your website to influence its relevancy in search engines like Google. Local SEO is a more complex subset of traditional SEO, and the whole goal is to optimize a website’s relevancy within a particular geographic area. For example, if you type “pizza delivery” into Google at your office computer, you’ll get a list of pizza joints near the office. If you type the same search into your home computer, the results are 100% different. That’s Local SEO at work. So how do you optimize your website’s local signals? We thought you’d never ask.

A winning strategy to keep you visible

Staying visible on page one is a never-ending battle. Yep, that means SEO never ends. Our SEO team is led by one of the world’s top experts in Local SEO, so we’re incredibly dialed in to what really works in Local SEO. We’re always updating our strategy to stay on top of Google’s constantly shifting algorithm, so your dealership will stay visible in the long term.

Four-point plan of attack

Cookie cutter automated SEO isn’t going to cut it. Quality Local SEO takes butts in seats, doing the work day in and day out. We don’t believe in generic, one size-fits-all strategies, cause they simply don’t work. We’ve got a four-point plan of attack based on the best research in Local SEO to ensure that your dealership gets results.

On Site Signals

Your on site signals are all the things on your site that influence the local relevancy of your website. This includes the content on your site, how individual page elements are optimized, and even your dealership’s name, address, and phone number.

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Off Site Signals

Many of the most important signals of local relevancy aren’t even related to your website. Links from other websites are the most important ranking factor, and we also work on your citations, which occur any time your dealership’s location info is listed on other websites.

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Social Signals

Social interaction is an important part of the local ranking algorithm, so your social media activity is more important than you think. We’ll help you post the right kinds of things on social media to help boost engagement, raise visibility, and win followers.

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Review Signals

Reviews are a critical piece of the Local SEO puzzle. Plus, it’s not just about Google. Customers want to know what it’s like to do business with you, so they’re going to read your reviews. We’ll help make sure that your dealership’s reputation shines.

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