Review signals show Google you’re worth ranking

Research shows nearly 9 out of 10 people trust online reviews from strangers as much as they trust something they’d hear from friends or family. Even more sobering, 4 out of 5 people will decide not to buy from your dealership if you’ve got bad reviews.

Google looks at your reviews as a signal of local relevancy, and potential customers use your reviews to decide if they’re going to buy from you. Clearly, it’s vital to have great reviews and a solid reputation management strategy in place.

Respond to bad reviews

Sometimes people are simply grumpy, but sometimes your dealership might have dropped the ball. Regardless of who’s at fault, you’ve got to reply to every negative review. The reply isn’t for the person who left the bad review, it’s for the rest of the world who wants to see how your dealership deals with a negative situation.

We monitor the review sites on a daily basis, so we’ll catch bad reviews as soon as they happen. We’ll email you a copy and call you, so we can find out what happened on your end. When you let us know your side of the story, we’ll write an appropriate response and get it posted.

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On Site Signals

Your on site signals are all the things on your site being optimized for local search results. This will include the content on your site, your blog, as well as the dealership’s name, address, and your phone number.

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Off Site Signals

Links are the biggest part of your off site signals, but so are your listing sites, like Google My Business. Getting active in your local community is another type of “signal” that doesn’t require a computer to optimize.

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Social Signals

Your social activity is more important than you think, which means that people pay attention to those posts your dealership is putting out. If they’re all about your new financing options & inventory, well, that’s not very social is it?

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Review Signals

Since people trust reviews more than they trust businesses (in general), it’s crucial to have positive reviews from varied sources. If you’ve got that one family member who posts 20 different reviews for your dealership’s Facebook page, tell them to retire their well-worn keyboard, because you’ve got a new technique.

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