Recorded on October 9, 2014 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Your 1st (and 2nd) Step toward a Great Sales Process

William Phillips Founder, President and CEO of AIM, Automotive Internet Management

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FACT: Your CRM is the foundation of your dealership’s Sales Process.

Regardless of which CRM you have, with the right CRM data organization and data entry from dedicated dealership employees, you can turn a ho-hum Sales Process into a GREAT Sales Process…which means HUGE PROFITS!

However, most dealerships underutilize, mismanage or dismiss their CRM, which ultimately prevents them from realizing maximum results. Are you one of them?

Bill Phillips is here to help! He is an expert in CRM Data Organization and his exclusive techniques have been producing swift and dramatic results in dealerships across the nation for more than a decade. In this fast paced 1 hour webinar, he will discuss how to:
Increase efficiency of your lead management
• Allow you to follow your processes more effectively
• Simplify your ability to manage e-Commerce business
• And ultimately, increase sales and closing ratios… without losing gross!

If you are ready to maximize your revenue by taking the 1st (and 2nd) step toward a GREAT Sales Process, then you simply cannot afford to miss this amazing presentation!

PRESENTER: William Phillips is the Founder, President and CEO of AIM, Automotive Internet Management. AIM is a preferred NCM training partner that helps Dealers consistently increase their sales, closing ratios and profits… all while holding or increasing gross… by integrating their exclusive proven e-Commerce processes and daily accountability regimen. With over 22 years in the retail automotive industry, Bill was always the top Salesman at every store or group where he was employed. He earned many accolades such as #1 Internet Salesperson for AutoNation and #1 Dodge salesperson in Southern California and he has also held every managerial position within a dealership. Bill’s strong work ethic, excellent analytical and organizational skills and attention to detail naturally helped him build and develop extremely successful e-Commerce departments. Bill is an AVV Certified Trainer and a contributing writer to Auto Success Magazine and he can be reached at Bill@AimDealer.com.

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