Recorded on July 10, 2014 - 12:00 PM Eastern

When a Stranger Calls…

Jerry Thibeau & Joe Webb Jerry Thibeau, President & Founder of Phone Ninjas and also Co-Founder of Dealer ThinkTank & Joe Webb, President & Founder of DealerKnows Consulting and Co-Founder of Dealer ThinkTank

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The phone rings….AAGGGHHHHH! It’s a sales call!

Inevitably, how it is handled may send shivers up and down your spine. Your dealership is wasting opportunities!! You’re scared your sales, BDC, and Internet team are sending future customers running in the other direction. You need your phone calls to be handled the right way, and stop sounding like a horror story.

In this informative and entertaining webinar, two of our industry’s top phone and Internet sales trainers, Jerry Thibeau of Phone Ninjas and Joe Webb of DealerKnows Consulting, are teaming up to provide proven, profit-generating tactics to convert more prospects to appointments than ever before. Attendees will learn:
• essential steps to handling inbound sales
• proper outbound follow-up
• dealing with vendor-related calls
• key elements of what to do ‘When a Stranger Calls…’

Don’t miss this opportunity to see 2 industry powerhouses in 1 thrilling presentation!

PRESENTERS: Jerry Thibeau is the President and Founder of Phone Ninjas, a company focused on helping dealerships improve phone skills. Jerry’s success with clients has made Phone Ninjas one of the hottest and fastest growing companies in the automotive sector. Phone Ninjas was a recent winner of the PCG Spotlight Awards for one of the top five products at NADA 2012. Jerry is a 27-year automotive veteran and has earned the nickname “The Phone Ninja” for his ability to turn even the hardest of phone shoppers into real appointments that show. Having personally listened to and provided coaching feedback on more than 10,000 sales calls, Thibeau is the industry’s best and brightest when it comes to evaluating a phone conversation. Jerry has written countless articles for the industry, is an active blogger on all of the popular automotive social media sites, and is a top-rated speaker at industry conferences. He is also the co-founder of Dealer ThinkTank and he can be reached at jerry@phoneninjas.com.

Joining Jerry Thibeau in this exclusive webinar presentation is Joe Webb, the Founder of DealerKnows Consulting, an automotive Internet sales and marketing training firm focused on maximizing dealerships’ online investments through hands-on/on-site training, virtual consulting, and the industry’s first lead management coaching software. Joe has been called “the funniest guy in the car business” and passionately consults nationwide, showing dealerships success by instilling proven Internet marketing practices. He writes for multiple publications and industry resource sites, and is a regular top-rated speaker at industry conferences, including his series of automotive workshops he co-founded called Dealer ThinkTank. As a true “dealer guy” with a history of retail success, Joe separates himself from the rest by his innate ability to blend the lines between entertainment and education and he can be reached at Joe@DealerKnows.comFacebook.com/DealerKnows  or @zonewebb on Twitter.

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