Recorded on May 19, 2016 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Use Google Analytics to Increase Leads & ROs

Chris Deringer Google Analytics Certified Expert and Chief Marketing Officer at DealerOn, Inc.

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Google Analytics isn’t just a powerful, easy to use, reporting platform that lets you measure online sales and conversions on your website. Accessing and interpreting the invaluable data that GA provides can also help you make informed marketing decisions that will produce swift and dramatic results. However, most dealerships underutilize GA and stop far short of using analytics to get more leads and ROs.


That’s ok. Most people don’t. So we brought in the big guns to help you out!

Google Analytics Expert Chris Deringer knows what kind of powerful information is held within everyone’s website analytics and how to use that data to make better advertising decisions and actually boost your bottom line! Attendees of this 1 hour in-depth webinar will learn:

  • Proper set-up to get the most out of Google Analytics
  • Key Google statistics to make the right marketing decisions in 2016 & 2017
  • How to use some Google tools (search console & analytics) to identify website problems

Whether you are an analytics enthusiast or are just looking for fresh insights about Google Analytics, everyone can benefit from this presentation!

If you are ready to finally learn How to Use Google Analytics to Increase Leads & ROs, then don’t you dare miss this webinar! Register Now!

PRESENTER: CHRIS DERINGER is the Chief Marketing Officer for DealerOn, Inc. With more than 15 years of Digital Marketing optimization experience and success, Chris is an expert in all aspects of online marketing and e-commerce, including SEO, Paid Search, conversion optimization, web analytics, A/B and multi-variate website testing. In the automotive industry, he is regarded as the foremost authority on how to measure and optimize marketing performance with Google Analytics. Chris came to DealerOn from Network Solutions where he spent 7 years helping lead their online marketing strategy and analytics areas. Chris is a Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified expert, a 2012 Mobile Web Awards judge, and a past member of the Web Analytics Association. He keeps up-to-date with all Google AdWords and Google Analytics advancements and Chris can be reached at Chris@DealerOn.com.

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