Recorded on March 15, 2018 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Turn Data to Dollars – Using Data & Adwords to Sell Cars

Will Perry President of Ascendant Media Group

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Turn Data to Dollars

If your dealership is investing any kind of time and money in Digital Advertising in 2018, you have to attend this webinar!  Will Perry will show you how you can more than double the leads you generate from your Digital Advertising campaigns and truly dominate Google in your market.

He will show you why most dealers are missing out on huge mobile advertising opportunities, and how you can maximize your sales from mobile consumers.  Additionally, he will use several real-world case studies to show you how to:

  • Leverage your actual DMS sales and service data to dominate your market 
  • Measure and optimize your keyword bidding strategies so you don’t waste your ad budget
  • Properly implement advanced digital strategies like:

– Call only conquest

– Zip Depletion

– Target Outrank Share

If you are spending any kind of money in digital advertising, and you are ready to learn how to Turn Data to Dollars – Using Data & Adwords to Sell Cars, then this is the webinar you can’t afford to miss! Register now!

PRESENTER: WILL PERRY is the President of Ascendant Media Group, a company that uses data driven insights and expert analysis to provide dealer clients with the highest performing digital marketing strategies in the automotive industry. With over 15 years of experience developing technology solutions for numerous Fortune 100 companies, combined with his computer engineering and mathematics background, Will brings a fresh innovation to all digital advertising campaigns. He now closely works with dealerships’ operations and marketing to develop highly optimized search campaigns designed to capture maximum market share with increased profitability. Will has exceptional statistical and analytic skills and is widely considered the data authority in the automotive space. He can be reached at will@ascendantmg.com.

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