Recorded on October 30, 2014 - 12:00 PM Eastern

The Ultimate Toolbox for Mastering Local Search Success

Eric Miltsch Automotive Digital Marketing Strategist and President of Command Z Automotive Consulting

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Computers, smartphones and tablets have completely revolutionized how consumers locate and discover local information. However, if you are looking to expand the overall reach of your company online and ultimately connect with more customers…it is going to involve much more than just setting up a website.

A comprehensive local search engine optimization campaign is of utmost importance for your organization to compete and thrive in today’s challenging economy.

Many dealerships would receive a failing grade on their current local search presence. Would you?


Not to fear! The expert in Local Search Strategies is here – and he’s ready to help!
Digital Marketing Expert Eric Miltsch will show you The Ultimate Toolbox for Mastering Local Search Success!

This extraordinary 1 hour webinar will provide the necessary information and resources to help you understand why local search is so important, how local consumer behavior is changing and what you need to do to give your local marketing efforts a swift and dramatic boost for your dealership to beat your online competition! Expect to leave with several actionable items that will greatly improve the way your dealership is found online …and prepare for tons of increased traffic!

If you are finally ready to learn all about The Ultimate Toolbox for Mastering Local Search Success, then you can’t afford to miss this incredible presentation!

PRESENTER: Eric Miltsch is a successful automotive digital marketing strategist and President of Command Z Automotive Consulting, specializing in search marketing and UI/UX – mobile design solutions. Eric’s contributions to AuctionDirectUSA.com helped create the #1 independent used car retailer in the US 3 years running, and they continue to be extremely successful today. He also helped create one of the most successful automotive professional communities at DrivingSales.com as their Director of Product Strategy. His love of cars, marketing and technology is the perfect recipe for staying ahead of the curve, creating new solutions and helping the automotive community as much as possible. Eric is a respected and active member of the automotive community and he can be reached at Eric.Miltsch@gmail.com.

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