Recorded on January 10, 2013 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Turning Sales Leads into Fixed Ops Customers

Ray Fenster President & CEO of RayFenster.com

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You can dot the i(nternet) now learn how to cross the T’s to maximize profits!

Dealerships all over the world invest millions of dollars and still struggle with making the (i)nternet work for them. This presentation will provide a roadmap on how to get from ground zero to the moon. Crossing the T’s starts with understanding the all hands on line process and then moving through simple easy to understand steps to go from good – to great – to excellent.

Once a dealership memorializes its philosophy and has buy in from the top to the bottom of the organization the next step in ensuring the right people are in place and have what they need to succeed. Finally, process must be intuitive and Transparent (oops one of the T words) to make things happen efficiently.

Don’t start any day out in 2013 without variable ops and fixed ops on the same page and crossing the T’s makes it happen effortlessly generating a better ROI and Team (oops I did it again) work.

PRESENTER: Ray Fenster is the President & CEO of RayFenster.com, a social business firm specializing in automotive, health care, real estate & government markets. Ray has spent most of his working life in the digital space with specific expertise in several ecommerce verticals for product development, research, sales and service operations working with large data sets. As a Digital Director and executive, Ray pioneered cutting edge applications for vendors and OEMs such as; Reynolds, ADP, Dealerskins, Blackbook, Carfax, eBay, AULtec, Autobytel, Ford, Lexus, Saturn, etc… Ray was one of the first digital professionals that moved ecommerce and the use of data into Service Operations and Inbound and Outbound marketing/advertising including Social Media Management Systems. Ray continues to coach personnel and has provided training to many of the top Internet managers in the country. Ray is a regular contributor to several publications, has presented at numerous popular workshops, forums, and conventions and can be reached at RayFenster@RayFenster.com.

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