Recorded on April 18, 2013 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Supercharge Your BDC!

Cory Mosley President & Founder of Mosley Automotive Training

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Have your current BDC strategies stalled?

Do you want to increase your dealership’s internet sales?

If the answer to one or both of these questions is “yes”, then we have a free 1-hour presentation that may change your life! In this session, nationally recognized automotive strategist, Cory Mosley, will share his cutting-edge strategies to swiftly and dramatically increase sales productivity in your BDC.

-The 4.5 elements of creating a deal
-How to create separation as a matter of process
-How small changes in language can produce more call backs and appointments

-The truth about value
-How to create more sales opportunities
-How to re-think and re-launch your BDC process for maximum results

-The power of T.O.M.A. and how you can use it to bring customers back
-The key to strong and consistent follow-up
-The 12-point check list for success via email and on the phones

If you’re ready to finally SUPERCHARGE your BDC, then this is one webinar you can’t miss!

PRESENTER: Cory Mosley is President & Founder of Mosley Automotive Training, a nationally recognized automotive training & consulting company that focuses on Internet sales, “new-school” sales and marketing strategies to profitably attract and retain customers. Before opening Mosley Automotive, Cory spent over 15-years in dealership positions on the sales floor, in the BDC, as an Internet Director, and as a GSM. Cory has built a strong reputation as a go-to sales strategist, consultant and trainer whose new-school techniques and progressive strategies have helped countless dealers build and restructure profitable sales, BDC and Internet operations. Cory has been a featured speaker and educator at every major Automotive event including Digital Dealer, Drive Sales Summit, J.D. Power Internet Roundtable, Digital Marketing Strategies Conference, Industry Summit, and the NADA convention. He is a trainer for the NADA University Learning Hub webinar series and writes the monthly “sales driver” column for F&I and Showroom Magazine and he can be reached at Cory.Mosley@MosleyTraining.com.

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