Recorded on November 9, 2017 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Sell, Market & Advertise to Women

Jody DeVere CEO of AskPatty.com

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Marketing to Women Fast Facts

Wanna hear some pretty impressive facts?  Women influence 85% of overall buying decisions in North American households and spend over $200 Billion on new cars and mechanical servicing of vehicles every year. Women also purchase 65% of new vehicles and request 65% of service work done at dealerships.

So if women are the primary financial decision makers…why aren’t car dealers advertising to them?


If you’re like the vast majority of dealerships, then the answer is definitely “No”.

To school us all on How to Sell, Market & Advertise to Women, we called in the BIG GUNS! Jody DeVere is the undisputed expert on this subject and she is going to share much needed insight and know-how on how dealerships can be more relevant to women car buyers… and how that translates into much larger profits for your business.

In this essential 1 hour webinar, Jody will discuss how to:

  • Understand and leverage the demographic of women in your local market
  • Differentiate your dealership with relevant social media campaigns aimed at women
  • Find out the #1 most important rule when communicating effectively with women
  • Attract, hire and retain more women employees in key sales and management positions

It’s time you started advertising to the people who (literally) hold the purse strings. If you are serious about learning How to Sell, Market & Advertise to Women, then this game-changer of a presentation is one you simply can’t afford to miss! Register now!

PRESENTER: JODY DEVERE is the CEO of AskPatty.com, Inc. which provides automotive education to women consumers and an online certification training program for automotive retailers on how to attract, sell, retain and market to women. Her goal is to educate women car buyers, car owners and the automotive industry at large. Her company serves as the first point of contact for many women who are seeking the very best experience in car buying and servicing by visiting Certified Female Friendly® automotive retail locations across the US and Canada. Furthermore, her long reputation for promoting, mentoring and supporting careers for women in the car biz, as well as her status as a founding board member of the Women In Automotive Conference (WIA), have solidified her as a champion for females working in the automotive industry. Jody is an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, often-quoted industry pundit and spokesperson for the auto industry on the women’s market. She is a regularly featured subject matter expert for the New York Times, NPR, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fox Business, Forbes Women, Oprah Magazine and Parenting Magazine, to name a few. Additionally, Jody DeVere is an automotive journalist, car care expert, safety spokesperson and a revered member of the Automotive Community and she can be reached at JDevere@AskPatty.com.

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