Recorded on March 22, 2018 - 12:00 PM Eastern

The Roadmap to Awesome Automotive SEO in 2018

Steve Shackelford SEO Manager at DealerOn, Inc.

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Awesome Automotive SEO

Keeping up with the constant Search Engine Optimization (SEO) changes can be confusing and time-consuming. Furthermore, to truly master SEO you have to be skilled at both the technical and the creative components required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase visibility in search engines.


Then this is the webinar for you!

DealerOn’s very own SEO Manager, Steve Shackelford, believes that every car dealer can increase their presence online. In this fascinating 1 hour webinar, he will share his roadmap to help you reach the SEO promised land. He will also explain why such factors as entity strength, review signals, link signals and holistic marketing efforts of the dealership matter more than ever. Additionally, Steve will be sharing insider information, superb strategies, proven pro-tips, and anything else he can think of to put you on the path to Automotive SEO Awesomeness.

Whether you’re managing your own SEO efforts or are looking to evaluate the efforts and tactics of a current vendor… mark your calendar for this one!

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PRESENTER: STEVE SHACKELFORD is the SEO Manager at DealerOn. He is responsible for running the SEO team and talent development and contributing to overall SEO strategy. He’s been in the SEO arena for over seven years, with the majority of his career spent focused on Local SEO in the automotive vertical. His experience across multiple dealer website platforms and gift for analyzing data is integral to the success of the DealerOn SEO team. He has a laid-back presentation style and tons of useful info about local link-building, unique content, and site auditing and he can be reached at SShackelford@DealerOn.com.

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