Recorded on January 4, 2018 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Results of the Elise Kephart Experience Case Study – Revealed!

Elise Kephart "The YouTube Diva" & Founder of The Elise Kephart Experience

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Elise Kephart Case Study Deck
Elise Kephart Case Study Results

Starting the new year off right! Our very first webinar of 2018 will leave you B R E A T H L E S S!

A few months ago, Elise Kephart, of the Elise Kephart Experience, worked as a remote BDC for three (3) bell-to-bell shifts for a dealership to see what kind of REAL-WORLD RESULTS she could get with her exclusive process.

And the results?? Well, as the saying goes…“They’re real…and they’re INCREDIBLE!”

Now, Elise is going to share the jaw-dropping findings of her 72 HOUR CASE STUDY “THE ELISE KEPHART EXPERIENCE ON FIRE!”  

The value of this unparalleled presentation cannot be understated. Far beyond her already incredible 30%+ internet close ratio, Elise will also reveal how you can achieve a 93% contact rate and an 85% appointment set rate!

Attendees of this fascinating 1 hour webinar will also:

  • Listen to conversations & voicemails with real customers (even the ones who wanted best price)
  • See how to use video email to get over 90% engagement
  • Observe open rates and responses from real customers
  • Listen to real phone calls from customers with the toughest objections (For example, “I live two states away and will need to think about it.”)

If you are ready to see one of the Auto Industry’s best & brightest in action, then don’t you dare miss this mind-blowing presentation from Elise Kephart! Please only show up if you can handle this Hour of Automotive Awesomeness. REGISTER NOW!

PRESENTER: ELISE KEPHART is the founder of The Elise Kephart Experience, a company focused on helping dealerships strengthen their process, sales teams and lead handling utilizing tactics with an emphasis on improving phone skills and utilizing video email. An international sales/marketing phenomenon in the auto industry, Elise is nationally recognized as “The YouTube Diva” for her persuasive personalized video greetings. Since 2007, she has sold countless vehicles to clients by creating a strong bond with her customers through the power of unique video messaging. Among her high volume sales, she has also earned top performing CSI. With her unique approach to videos, her phone skills and sales background, Elise has visited dealerships across the country teaching her one of a kind method. Her approach has been praised by the likes of Ziegler and Cardone and she has been published in magazines both in the US and Canada. Elise has presented at seminars including Ziegler’s IBP, Driving Sales Executive Summit, Digital Dealer and The General Motors 2015 Compass Tour and she can be reached at elise@elisekephart.com.

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