How to Effectively Reach Spanish Speaking Customers Online


How to Effectively Reach Spanish Speaking Customers Online

July 30, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern
w/ Zeph Snapp, Founder & CEO of Altura Interactive

With nearly 38 million Spanish speakers in the US, Spanish is, by far, the most popular non-English language in the country. Spanish speakers are a crucial part of every US market, over-indexing on digital and mobile, however, most dealers are satisfied with just having a bilingual salesperson or two instead of actively trying to reach Spanish speaking customers online.


In this revealing 1 hour presentation, Zeph Snapp from Altura Interactive will show you how to finally build and execute a comprehensive and highly effective digital strategy in Spanish. Attendees won’t learn to speak a new language but they will hear enlightening discussions about the following:

-Determining what kind of Spanish you should use

-Why users hate when you use flags

-How to choose translation providers

-Technical considerations for a bilingual website

-How to leverage social media in Spanish

Stop Ignoring….Start Scoring! If you realize that it’s time to finally find out How to Effectively Reach Spanish Speaking Customers Online, then this is the webinar you simply can’t afford to miss! ¡Ándale!

PRESENTER: Zeph Snapp is the Founder and CEO of Altura Interactive, a digital marketing agency focused on helping companies reach Spanish speaking consumers. He has spoken about International SEO, Marketing to Spanish speakers and mobile marketing at conferences like SMX Advanced, Mozcon, and Digital Dealer 18. His data driven, customer-centric approach has been trusted by brands like Expedia, Shopify and CNET, among others and he can be reached at or on Twitter @ZephSnapp.