Recorded on June 4, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Prospecting – Data Mine Your Own Leads & Generate More Business

Jennifer Suzuki President e-Dealer Solutions, Inc.

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  1. Wait on point, outside, all day to try and catch an “up” in the hopes that you will sell a car.
  2. Work smarter, not harder, and have the leads walk in the door and ask for you by name.

It’s true! Instead of waiting for something to happen, you can take control of your destiny and increase your sales simply by knowing more than the other salespeople in the dealership!

Automotive trainer Jennifer Suzuki is here to help! She is going to show how to use your CRM and other vendor tools to your prospecting advantage. She will also explain how to effectively use your existing leads to increase vehicle sales.

Attendees of this fast-paced 1 hour webinar will learn how to create your own lead lists and will also obtain effective process maps with actual call, voicemail, text and email examples.  Jennifer will share real success stories and will also bring in a guest salesperson who has been using these techniques to consistently sell 20+ cars a month – all from data-mining!


If you want to learn more about Prospecting and how to Data Mine Your Own Leads and Generate More Business then this is the presentation you have been waiting for! Don’t miss it!!

PRESENTER: Jennifer Suzuki is the Founder and President of e-Dealer Solutions, Inc., an award-winning training company.  Jennifer’s passion and expertise are evident throughout her career as she has become well known for conducting monthly training seminars for the NADA Dealer Academy, NADA Convention Speaker, OEM Training, 20 Groups and State Associations.  Her training is focused on converting non-present buyer’s to showroom appointments while improving sales teams phone skills, voicemails, emails, videos, chats and daily operating processes. In today’s harsh economy, dealerships require a unique and modern approach to working with the educated buyer to sell them cars — and that’s where Jennifer Suzuki comes in. Her 20 years of experience encompasses a wide gamut of valuable auto industry know-how, such as: selling vehicles, training and installing DMS systems, retailing internet leads, and managing an internet sales division comprised of 28 dealerships. She has a tremendous reputation for delivering in-dealership and online training that significantly improves dealership sales. Jennifer Suzuki can be reached at 800.625.1590 and jennifer@edealersolution.com.

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