Recorded on December 4, 2014 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Mobile Strategies to Rescue your Dealership from Showrooming

Ben Anderson President of AutoMotion

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Showrooming is when a shopper visits a store to check out a product but then researches or price checks the same product online while in-store…and it has become a major problem for many dealerships.

The tremendous surge in popularity of smartphones and mobile devices has substantially aided and abetted showrooming since it gives shoppers much greater flexibility to check online prices. Over the last few years, showrooming has become an increasingly pervasive problem in our industry and with the mobile movement showing no signs of slowing down having a comprehensive strategy to rescue your dealership from showrooming has now become a necessity to stay ahead of the competition.


If you are finally ready to learn Mobile Strategies to Rescue your Dealership from Showrooming, then this tremendously valuable 1 hour webinar is for you! Mobile expert, Ben Anderson, is going to show you how to use the latest mobile technology to combat the effects of showrooming at your dealership. Attendees will learn:
• The state of the market with the latest showrooming data
Offensive and defensive strategies to combat this growing trend
Numerous tools that dealers need in their arsenal
Best practices to shut down showrooming at your dealership in 2015

If you are ready to learn Mobile Strategies to Rescue your Dealership from Showrooming, then this is one webinar you simply can’t afford to miss!

PRESENTER: BEN ANDERSON is the President of AutoMotion the leader in mobile app technology for the automotive retail market. 
The AutoMotion platform creates mobile marketing solutions for automotive OEMs and large dealer networks. Ben is responsible for innovation and growth strategy in emerging mobile markets and leads a team focused on helping manufacturers and dealers reach mobile customers. Ben has founded several successful startups in technology and has received multiple awards for his innovative work, including the 2011 Minnesota Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the US Small Business Administration; finalist in the 2006 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards; and received the 2005 Student Entrepreneur of the Year award. Ben Anderson speaks nationally on mobile and emerging technology, is a regular columnist for various automotive publications and you can connect with Ben care of Sami Roetman at SamanthaR@AutoMotionWeb.com.

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