Recorded on March 5, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Industry Veteran Dissects the Internet, 3rd Parties & Vendors

Charlie Vogelheim Noted Industry Veteran and Personality with Motor Trend Audio

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20 years ago the internet was born… and almost immediately, was implemented by the auto industry. The World Wide Web was promised as a great marketing tool for dealers that would easily save money and increase sales. However, two decades later, dealers are still grappling with their internet footprint, struggling with ineffective online digital marketing, and experiencing inconsistent online sales.


One of the industry’s most visible and outspoken personalities has had enough and he’s going maverick! Charlie Vogelheim of Kelley Blue Book and JD Power fame is going to share his refreshingly honest and sometimes scathing opinions on everything having to do with the Internet (past, present & future), 3rd Parties and Vendors.

Attendees of this electrifying 1 hour webinar will hear his keen observations on the development of the internet and all facets of digital marketing as it relates to the Auto Industry. What has worked…what has not…and where dealers should focus their attention for increased success and sustained profitability. In the process, he’ll cover most online issues troubling dealers and, as a bonus, Charlie will also discuss vendor shenanigans and how to avoid costly missteps.

You are not going to want to miss one of our industry’s most knowledgeable thought leaders as he dissects The Internet, 3rd Parties & Vendors. This is a must-see presentation!

PRESENTER: CHARLIE VOGELHEIM has 30 years of automotive industry experience including roles as executive editor at Kelley Blue Book and VP at J.D. Power. He is currently involved in a variety of initiatives including Motor Trend Audio, DrivingSales, RyanTech and Webcars China. Charlie is an auto enthusiast whose career has been centered on observing and supporting the automotive industry. Whether providing vehicle information and values or helping dealers with digital marketing and technical development, he has consistently represented cutting edge solutions to industry challenges. He put Kelley Blue Book online and created both the J.D. Power Internet Roundtable and DrivingSales Executive Summit. Charlie travels extensively and is often a featured speaker at automotive seminars, educational meetings and media interviews and he can be reached at Charlie.Vogelheim@gmail.com.

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