Recorded on June 14, 2012 - 12:00 AM Eastern

DealerOn Webinar: How to Increase Lead Conversion Without Spending an Extra Dime

Jason Ezell President & Co-Founder of Dataium, LLC

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Sounds too good to be true? Look at it this way, many shoppers learn about your dealership and your cars from 3rd party sites, then use Google to find your dealership, right?. However,when it comes time for ad spend allocation, the analytics for direct referring traffic is skewed and downright misleading. Instead, by focusing your ad dollars at the source that created the awareness of your dealership and inventory to the leads you receive, you can determine exactly where your ad dollars are most effective and where you can reallocate ad spend and increase lead conversion.

By understanding auto shopper behavior throughout the on-line buying process, we can now see the larger picture and can pinpoint the indirect affect your ad dollars have on your dealer website and the resulting lead conversion.

It’s time to start spending your advertising dollars smarter — and get better results then ever before. If you’re ready to learn How to Increase Lead Conversion Without Spending an Extra Dime, then this free 1 hour webinar is for you.

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Presenter: Jason Ezell is the President & Co-Founder of Dataium, LLC, the largest aggregator of auto shopper behavior data in the industry. With almost 25 years experience in the automotive industry, Jason Ezell first managed dealerships for over 8 years before being invited to join Autotrader.com’s first sales team in 1998/99. He then started one of the most unique and respected website companies in the industry. As a member of JD Power’s Internet Round Table, an NADA 20 Group Preferred Speaker and a Digital Dealer Conference Speaker, Ezell is well known as an expert in automotive Internet for his statistical approach to analyzing user data to better understand how to sell cars on the Internet.

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