Recorded on June 25, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How Your Dealership Can Create a 25% Lift in Sales

Clint Burns & Brian Pasch Clint Burns, Founder and CEO of The Next Up & Brian Pasch CEO of PCG Research

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The research has been done by one of the most trusted sources in the Automotive Industry… and they are ready to reveal the surprising results!

In this thrilling 1 hour webinar, auto retailing experts Clint Burns and Brian Pasch will share key findings from PCG’s eye-opening research report, Transforming Automotive Retail Sales Process Management.

They will discuss the comprehensive research employed in the study and the superior sales floor strategies that resulted in month after month increases in sales.

In addition to sharing key insights from the report, Burns and Pasch will give the audience:

  • Best practices for moving from an open sales floor to a managed retail process.
  • Strategies on how dealerships increased showroom visits by a staggering 85% – 100%
  • Ideas for sales teams to find more time to work CRM tasks and complete follow up.
  • Formulas to take back to your dealership to see how well your current process is working.

Brian Pasch boldly states that,Dealerships with open sales floors will gain insight from this webinar on how to create new opportunities for their team and their business and provide an all-around better experience for their customers.

If you are ready to learn How Your Dealership Can Create a 25% Lift in Sales, then this is the webinar you simply can’t afford to miss!

PRESENTERS: CLINT BURNS, Founder and CEO of The Next Up. With more than two decades of expertise in every area of dealership operations, Clint has championed the push for excellence in guest services across the automotive industry. Since his early involvement as the Founder of Dealer Development Solutions, one of the first CRMs in the space, Clint’s reputation has grown to become the leading expert on retail sales process (RSP) in the nation. Widely known as an enthusiastic advocate of the industry, a charismatic speaker at conferences, and a trusted authority on the role dealerships play in advancing the guest experience, Clint is a leading voice in dealership operations, loyalty and guest relations and he can be reached at CBurns@TheNextUp.com.

Joining Clint today is BRIAN PASCH, CEO of PCG Research, has over 20 years of Information Technology and Marketing leadership. In 2012 he founded PCG Consulting to provide vendor neutral advice to business leaders looking to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes the latest opportunities in traditional, digital and social media. Brian is an active speaker at automotive industry conferences, 20 Groups, and digital marketing workshops. He is an avid writer and blogger providing invaluable commentary on the topics of search engine optimization and digital marketing and he can be reached at Brian@PCGmailer.com.

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